Yet more potential legislation.

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Mar 24 2018

Yet more potential legislation.

It seems that Labour are pushing for the Homes Bill to be made into legislation. If successful, then tenants living in moldy or damp homes will soon be able to take their landlords to court. However, it needs to be pointed out that at this point the bill appears to be aimed only at private rented accommodation? Does this mean that no council or housing association rented property has mold or damp?

The draft law, which the Government has since confirmed it will back, will give renters the legal right to ensure their home is “fit for human habitation”, meaning free from mould, damp and other hazards. Now I am all for properties being fit for human habitation, but it seems very unfair that only private rented properties will be impacted by this potential law. The bill wants to introduce a minimum standard something that at present does not exist, failure to meet the standard and the offending landlord could see a date in court. Great even more pressure on our already burdening court system.

As mentioned in several of my other jottings I am all for supporting tenants, but equally Landlords need to have similar levels of support when it comes to dealing with problem tenants. It does seem that both the major political parties of this country are out to get landlords as a whole.
The MP’s backing this bill claim that too many people today rent properties which are not in an acceptable condition, with widespread problems of damp and mould, leaks, failing electrical utilities or poor insulation. Is this really the case? And what of social housing, I personally know of numerous houses which also suffer from damp, mould and leaks.

Will this bill have the desired effect? When you consider that those rogue landlords have not been deterred by any of the recent legislation. Now I am not saying this is right, but if as a tenant you only choice of a roof over your head is a poor roof are you then going to take the landlord to court which could take months?
Would it not be far better to seek criminal justice against the minority of rogue landlords who will not abide by any new law?

I hear MP’s claiming many of their constituents have to put up with unacceptable quality housing in the private rented sector. However, does anyone actually question how many the many might be?

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