Are you working with the government to maintain homelessness

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Feb 05 2018

Are you working with the government to maintain homelessness

I read with interest further comments and statements from the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He seems to conveniently forget that homelessness and housing shortages have been around for many governments both labour and conservative. Indeed, you only have to search through any newspapers archives to see Conservatives throwing the homeless topic at Tony Blair. However, forgetting the facts makes it easier to win votes and be able to accuse the Tory government of intentionally not fixing the housing crisis after yet to be substantiated revelations by the Guardian newspaper that thousands of private renters are living in substandard conditions.

Jumping on the back of a report in the Guardian on Sunday, in which claims were made that over than half a million people aged under 35 are estimated to be living in rented properties so hazardous they are likely to lead to residents needing medical attention. Yet there is no clarification of how these numbers were estimated. Do we now live in a society that does not question so called facts? For Mr Corbyn to claim that the government is allowing people to live in hazardous conditions because it’s in the pockets of rogue landlords. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for reducing/removing homelessness but to come out with such wild claims without evidence to back it up, shows what sheep we are becoming to even accept such a claim.

Jeremy Corbyn claims that hundreds and thousands of private tenants are living in squalid and unsafe conditions. Once again where is this evidence? Although I do agree that the housing and rental market needs a impartial review along with the legal system to balance the scales when it comes to tenant evictions.

It is interesting that he seems to be avoiding clause 24, rent payment history of tenants or Inflation adjusted rent increases in Tenancies or Cap on rent payments, is this because they are not so news worthy and won’t win votes?

Corbyn has made no secret of his desire to offer tenants greater powers but it seems these powers are only for private tenants, those tenants in housing provided by local authorities may not get the same power. Does this not contravene what Labour stands for?

He further claims that giving private tenants greater security against eviction would reduce homelessness. I do wonder who is advising this man on his statements because he must see how ludacris his claims are becoming.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this whole saga.

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