Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom

Donald Trump
Nov 11 2016

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom?

Are wealthy American property investors now looking to exit their home country and take advantage of the current strong dollar against the sterling. This could now make Britain especially London as an attractive alternative to investing in property in America.


It seems several property experts are claiming that London and potentially Birmingham could become targets for wealthy American Landlords. When you factor in that house prices in London are currently around thirty percent lower it adds to the attraction.


Speaking to a couple of letting agents that we work with, they are reporting that property prices are already starting to increase post Brexit.

Do you think property prices in London will benefit from Donald Trump winning the election? Or is it so called property gurus using the news to hype up their services?

The current value of sterling makes our fair land an attractive proposition for many overseas investors. Here in Birmingham we have seen several overseas investors increasing their property portfolio.

Looking at several property websites and a couple of forums it does appear that the trend of Americans looking to swap the US for the UK has been building with the recent changes in environmental factors pushing that trend.

How will this effect local private landlords who are looking to increase their portfolio? If the trend does increase it will push up property prices, meaning all landlords will be paying more for rental properties.


As with most industries, the property industry likes consistency and not constant change, when you look at what Donald Trump has promised, America is in for a substantial period of unrest and change. This is causing serious investors to evaluate their portfolios and consider other developed countries as an alternative.

Feedback suggests that it will be the higher end of the property market that will benefit from potential American investors.

Could we see the cockney accent been added to with an influx of wealthy americans?

Have international investors already forgotten about Brexit and returning to the UK?

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