Is Theresa May abusing her position

ban on letting agent fees
Jan 05 2018

Is Theresa May abusing her position

We have recently seen Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party use the current issue with housing as a means to try to secure more votes. Are we now seeing the the government playing catch up and realising that as housing is something that many are passionate about, tenants are a possible source of votes.

Although we still have more home owners than tenants, tenants are more likely to vote than home owners? Well that appears to be the theory behind the recent activities from the two main political parties’ recent actions.

The Prime minister has recently tweeted that she has made it her personal mission to fix the housing market and the solution to this is too ban letting agents’ fees in England. However, despite shouting about this no date for this has been set and is yet to become statute. Are we seeing a knee jerk reaction to the recent action of the Labour party?

The announcement was embedded in a video that showed five actions that have apparently been completed, thus giving the impression that the ban on letting agent fees has already taken place, which we know not to be the case. The official tweet can be viewed here

I agree the housing market needs addressing but owning a home and renting a home are two very separate issues. Is it possible for a single government to be able to fix both the housing market and the issues with the country coming to terms that we are moving from a culture of home owners to renters. I would suggest that an independent committee with no political agenda would be a great way to start.

Is Theresa May using social media to rally her cause for the banning of letting fees? Could this be seen as bullying letting agents? What are letting agents doing to combat this?

The fact of the matter is that banning of letting agent fees is currently at the discussion point, it has not been made stature and like Universal Credit the government could do an about turn on the subject.

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