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yield decline
Jan 25 2019

Are Landlords yields dropping

Are all the legislation changes finally impacting on the yield a landlord can expect from a buy to let property investment? Through giving presentations at various Property meets, it does seem that many one property landlords are noticing quite a reduction in yields, whereas those...

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buy to let landlord
Sep 12 2017

Is it still worth being a landlord

For at least 20 years, investing in buy-to-let has been a relatively sensible secure way to increase your wealth, hence why many people become landlords to supplement their income or grow their wealth through property than shares.  However, with all the recent changes to legislation and...

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broken egg
Oct 17 2016

Why is this acceptable?

We get calls every day about evicting a tenant. In addition to those phone calls the next most common are about chasing a tenant either for arrears or for stolen property. It amazes me how tenants think it is fair game to take a landlord’s...

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Do you have troublesome tenants
Mar 03 2016

Do you have troublesome tenants?

It is not news that becoming a landlord will bring with it several financial responsibilities, but while these aspects are often carefully considered by most landlords, there's one area that can be overlooked, the thoughts of the tenants themselves. Unfortunately, not taking this into consideration...

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subletting by tenants
Feb 24 2016


Do you know who’s living in your property? Subletting is definitely on the increase. We have found a couple of research articles that shows that when surveyed just over 17% of tenants admitted to renting out all or part of their property to someone who...

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landlord punished
Jan 08 2016

Another landlord punished

It was with disbelief that over Christmas I read that a landlord had illegally evicted their tenant and left their belongings in the garden.   The landlord who is based in Birmingham, carried out a threat of changing the locks at the rental property. The tenant...

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Read our latest news for landlords
Nov 17 2015

Landlords considering throwing in the towel

We have been conducting an informal poll amongst our landlords. We do this to help identify how we can support them. One of the biggest concerns is the recent reduction by the Government to the landlord’s buy-to-let tax relief to the 20% basic rate. 58%...

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