Stage 2 – Litigation Proceedings

75% of tenants respond to Stage 1 and either pay what they owe, or leave the property to avoid court action.

The 25% that ignore the notice(s) served require court action against them to obtain a possession order.

Our eviction team will support you with the legal proceedings in order to evict the tenant.

We will assist with preparing the file ready to be submitted to the local County Court. Once you obtain a hearing date we can provide you with representation at the hearing.

This service that we provide starts from £895, plus court fees.

We recommend that either the owner or managing agent attend the hearing alongside our advocate in the event the tenant decides to file a late defence or an allegation is made which was not covered prior to the hearing.

Our accelerated procedure starts from as little as £699 plus court fee. We would advise this claim route if a Form 6a was served and you simply require a straight possession order.

Once we are awarded the possession order, the tenant generally has 14 days in which to leave the property and pay any arrears outstanding and court application fees.



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Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd offer various ways to secure a warrant of possession and eviction of tenants. Once a case has been heard in the county court and a possession order granted, most tenants make arrangement to vacate the property.

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Commercial Eviction

Evict My Tenant Limiteds believe you should receive the money you’re owed on your commercial investment. Therefore our commercial team are here to assist with recovery by way of enforcing CRAR.


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Issues with renting
Personal Professional Services

Here at Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd, we offer a nationwide debtor tracing service which identifies and tracks down an individual’s residential address quickly and efficiently. We also deal with small claims orders and representation.

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