Sex for rent hits the news again

sex for rent
Sep 14 2018

Sex for rent hits the news again

Looks like another knee jerk reaction from politicians desperately seeking votes. It seems that now the Liberal Democrats are jumping on the landlord bashing to try gain votes. Yes, sex for rent is despicable but let’s get some perspective on this, as a percentage of the number of tenancies currently live, the few that are sex for rent are minor. Why the need for even more legislation is beyond me, as if this type of landlord will abide by any further legislation. The only people that suffer are the hardworking landlords and tenants that will see rents increase due to increased costs. Would it not be far better to use existing laws and legislation to deal with the minority of landlords who are willing to take sex as payment for their rent.

I am all for removing the rogue landlords and tenants of this world but let’s take a moment to identify the scale of this issue and the likelihood of further legislation actually stopping any future sex for rent cases.

I wonder what Politicians would do if all this landlord bashing resulted in a huge reduction in available private rented properties, how would they then keep would be voters happy?

Interestingly the Liberal Democrate MP pointed out that the practice of offering rent-for-sex is illegal, if it is already illegal why the need for further legislation? Far better to enforce the current law with greater efficiency.

Even with the threat of a seven-year custodial sentence it seems that the rogue landlords who undertake this practice are not being deterred, so how would further legislation deter them from offering sex for rent accommodation?

When will the modern day politician stand up for what they believe in, rather than try to court would be voters with media hype and jumping on any band wagon that will get their voices heard?

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