Would you sell your property to Jeremy Corbyn

labour leader
Jan 29 2018

Would you sell your property to Jeremy Corbyn

I have just watched an announcement by Jeremy Corbyn who stated that should his party be in government then they would immediately buy thousands (8000) of properties for homeless people in a move to tackle soaring levels of rough sleeping. Can you imagine what that would do the housing prices? Now I am all for being supportive of society as a whole but this seems like an announcement to try win votes on the back of his other recent announcements.

He further explained that his government would also give local authorities the power to seize properties that had been deliberately left vacant. Smacks of a Police state, what happened to freedom of choice?

He claims that homelessness in the UK is wholly unnecessary and purchasing 8000 properties across the country. Yes, it would give immediate housing to 8000 homeless people but what about all the other social factors and costs and where is this money coming from?

Councils would be required to build “far more” homes, said Corbyn, I agree with this but again at no point has he mentioned how all this is going to be funded.

Of course, no interview would be complete without quoting some stats that allegedly support his announcement. He mentioned that homelessness has increased every year for six years, of course it has the population has increased every year for six years too.

We are a nation of about 67 Million we are going to have a percentage that are homeless, a percentage of children that are in hostels. However, is buying 8000 what can be assumed private houses for them a solution?

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