It seems that Birmingham landlords evicting three tenants every day.

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Nov 15 2017

It seems that Birmingham landlords evicting three tenants every day.

It seems that Birmingham landlords evicting three tenants every day.

This in isolation sounds like a terrible figure, however let’s consider how many properties are let in Birmingham each year.

Yes, the press gets hold of stories like the landlord who threw the possessions of a mum and 11-year-old son’s out onto the street after evicting them. Once again think about how many landlords are currently suffering rent arrears due to tenants deliberately withholding their rent.

We have seen the statistics released by the Ministry of Justice which showed a total of 1,065 people were removed from a property during 2015.

Here at Evict My Tenant Limited we would never condone an illegal eviction and have indeed refused to help landlords that which to proceed down this road. We often here stories from organisations like Generationrent who claim more and more tenants are being illegally evicted. I appreciate that they are championing the cause of the tenant, but for people to take you seriously do you not have to present a balance argument?

Indeed we agree that as a nation we are moving away from a nation of buyers to a nation of renters and tenants need to be protected from illegal evictions, but let us look at the bigger picture if the legal process was quicker and more severe for the minority of rogue tenants, rather than penalise the majority of law abiding landlords with further legislation which ultimately increases rental prices.

It is great news that Birmingham council has received a grant of £110,000 to help tackle rogue landlords, maybe the government has realised that they should be focusing on rogue landlords and not the general populous.

Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Management and Homes Cllr John Cotton said: “This new funding will enable the team to work with agencies across the city to tighten procedures, identify problems and target rogue landlords.

John further explained “As the private rented sector continues to grow it’s really important that we strengthen our work in this field and support the relationship between landlord and tenant for the good of all concerned.”

Although it is interesting to read the comments on our article Are local authorities perverting the course of justice as this would suggest that the council are not supporting the relationship between landlord and tenants.

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