Section 21 is its days numbered

eviction notice section 21
Nov 03 2019

Section 21 is its days numbered

In the recent past we have seen both the Labour and the Conservatives release press releases and papers trying to gain the vote of the tenants.

Now it seems the turn of the Liberal party. They have drafted a private members bill to hopefully bring attention to their plans for the private rental marketing and in particular the infamous section 21.

Not as blunt as Theresa May but a clear intention to remove section 21 from a landlords ability to remove a tenant. However apparently they did have a period of consultation in their plans to stop a landlord from evicting a tenant with a section 21.

Realistically is this all a huge PR stunt to try get voters? What are the chances of the Liberal party ever winning the next general election?

The Liberal party are claiming that the government will review the findings of the consultation process. It is worrying that with all that is going on with Brexit that the rented homes bill may actually become law.

Could the government use this Bill to blame the Liberals but in the same act get what they want? Do we see Politics in general taking a swing to the left and as a collective becoming even more anti landlord?

I think any more legislation that makes it difficult for landlords will see them extracting their finances from British buy to let properties and move their money overseas.

Already I have seen a significant increase in landlords acting for us to implement eviction notices on tenants with a few to sell prior to the marketing being flooded with properties.

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