Rogue landlords back in the news.

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Jul 24 2019

Rogue landlords back in the news.

News on rogue landlords has been recently quiet not sure if all the journalists are currently writing about Boris and Brexit?

As soon as Mr Johnson was announced leader of the Conservative party, then it was normal service resumed with rogue landlords.

I have read a couple of court cases with all the landlords obtaining fines for their actions, they range from the usual changing of the locks to evict a tenant, to trying to cut off the utilities. All did not succeed and probably helped delay any removal of tenants.

However, this one seems to show that the courts are increasing their fines to landlords who illegally rent HMO’s. The landlord has been ordered to pay four civil notices totally over £14.5k. It seems Wychavon District Council licencing department identified that the landlord had not applied for a licence and investigated the property. They found eleven people living in the property.

There appears to be no information on what the landlord was charging rent to these eleven individuals and how long they had been renting prior to Wychavon District Council issuing the civil notices but an educated guess would suggest the landlord was collecting over £3.2k a month. With this in mind will these level of fines deter future rogue landlords?

It is easy to see why the landlord did not apply for a licence as the property had several issues, such as poor fire alarm system and no fire safety measures associated with HMO buy to let properties.

It is interesting that the council has now instructed the landlord, to fix the issues and apply for a licence so they can continue to rent the HMO property. It is a difficult situation as any other action may have resulted in 11 homeless tenants.

It is a shame that there are still landlords out there who willing take advantage of those in desperate need of a roof over their heads. Personally, I am not sure of a better solution? Possess the property and pass it on to the council to run? Would the council want more properties?

Whilst there is such a huge demand for rental properties there are always going to be those that are willing to take the risk at the expense of the less fortunate in the community.

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