Property Tycoon in the news once again for evicting tenants.

Fergus Wilson
Aug 06 2018

Property Tycoon in the news once again for evicting tenants.

Property Tycoon in the news once again for evicting tenants.

Controversial landlord Fergus Wilson has recently been in the news. Once again, the multi-millionaire property tycoon could face legal action. Potentially adding to his recent injunction, which prevents him from discriminating against tenants on racial grounds. It would be interesting to see how this injunction has impacted on his business?


The landlord was blasted a racist by him demanding that certain tenants were evicted due to making his properties smell, claiming it cost more to clean after they left.


It seems he has not learnt from this injunction as he has now claimed that he wants to evict all tenants who are single and become pregnant whilst renting one of his properties. He is blaming local councils for this decision, stating that they would levy hefty fines against him should the heating system pack up and the tenant has a new born baby. Further stating that the rules imposed by the councils are too strict and resulting in a course of action that is ‘heartbreaking’ as most of his women are model tenants. He further deflected his decision, blaming a national shortage of plumbers, so cannot meet the strict guidelines laid down by local authorities, therefore he has no choice but to bring tenancies to an end and evict any ladies that become pregnant.

It looks like Mr. Wilson and the court of Equality and Human Rights Commission will again do battle. With the potential for a second injunction being applied. I do wonder with the latest comments how little the first injunction has really impacted on his business.

To date he has evicted at least four tenants for being pregnant and has vowed to continue with this business decision. However, he has stated that he will give any pregnant woman that he evicts, he will give them two months’ notice.

What are your thoughts on how Mr. Wilson conducts himself and his business. Are his comments taken out of context? Is he just being a very practical business man?  Or is he immoral, sexist and racist?

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