The Property Ombudsman making things better or worse

Feb 16 2017

The Property Ombudsman making things better or worse

The Property Ombudsman making things better or worse

I came across this news item from the Property Ombudsman following its ruling, the letting agency has closed its office, leaving landlords and tenants high and dry.

Now as much as we work very closely with both letting agents and landlords, we are all for fair practice and support good practices and following correct business and legal protocols.

However, when a letting agency contravenes these practices it only gives people fuel to tarnish the majority who are providing great services.

The Property Ombudsman(TPO) have in the last six months stopped at least four agencies due to various reason. One of the agencies to fall foul of the TPO was directed to pay over £2k in due rent to a landlord, pay an additional £300 for upheld complaints and transfer just under £1k of tenants deposits.

It seems that this was just the tip of the iceberg and the agency appears to have a deficit of nearly £200,000. Now it seems the same director has set up yet another agency but said agency is not a member of TPO.

Now for the all-important question. When as a landlord or tenant, you see that the agency is a member of the TPO, do you think that this will give you extra peace of mind or security?

Yet this appears not to be the case. As an industry, what can we do to try to prevent unscrupulous directors just folding one company and setting up another taking advantage of both landlords and tenants. Do we need to have our pressure groups such as The Property Ombudsman and the National Landlord Association to push for legal changes to prevent this happening?

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