Stage 2 of evicting a tenant


Stage 2 – Issuing Proceedings

75% of tenants respond to Stage 1 and either pay what they owe, or leave the property to avoid court action.

The 25% that ignore the notice(s) served require court action to obtain a possession order. Our eviction team will start legal proceedings in order to evict the tenant.

We will prepare the file ready to be submitted to the local County Court, pay the court fee, obtain a hearing date and provide representation for you.

We recommend that either the owner or managing agent attend the hearing along side our advocate, however if this is not possible we can prepare a witness statement in your absence for a fixed fee of £50.00.

The tenant generally has 14 days in which to leave the property and pay any arrears outstanding once we are awarded the possession order.

This service that we provide comes with a fixed fee of £650.00, plus court fees.
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  1. Cheap Gucci

    WHy are there so many stages to eviction. If it was my property I would just kick them out.

  2. Andrew

    You may be guilty of harassing or illegally evicting your tenants if you don’t follow the correct procedures.

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