People will try anything to become a landlord

rogue landlords to be hunted
Jun 04 2016

People will try anything to become a landlord

A man pretending to be a landlord who conned two unsuspecting tenants out of over £1000 will be punished by the courts.

Chesterfield courts will be dealing out the justice. However, what do you think it a suitable punishment?

The defendant did not own the property and was trying to sublet it on the basis that he claimed he was allowed to live there whilst carrying out repairs to the property. The property had been advertised through Facebook with one of the tenants paying rent up front with a deposit and the other was also asked for rent and a deposit which she arranged to pay by bank transfer. It does show either how desperate people are to find a home or how trusting we are as human race.subletting by tenantsMr Gambino defrauded the tenants by pretending to own the property owner. The reason the defendant commited this deception? He partners was having twins and had a large council tax bill to pay. He also apologised for what he had done but said he was in a difficult financial position. However, he has now put two people in financial difficulty.

Gambino, who has also been living in Hertfordshire, pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation by offering a property for rent that he did not own or have a right to let between November 13 and 21, 2015.

Now you know the reason behind his actions would you lesson or increase the punishment? What can be done to prevent this deception in the future? How does a landlord prove that they own the house? Should a landlord have to prove they own the house. Are these incidents still in the minority compared to the number of honest tenancies that take place each and every day?

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