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Debtor Tracing Service

Here at Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd, we offer a nationwide debtor tracing service which identifies and tracks down an individual’s residential address quickly and efficiently.


Our team is professionally trained to locate absconded tenants. We use the latest methods and technology, allowing us to work with even the most limited information.


We pride ourselves on offering a ‘no trace, no fee’ service. So if you are trying to locate a debtor, do not hesitate to contact us –we will be glad to assist you!


Has your tenant absconded owing you rent? Call us now to enquire about tracing an absconded tenant.


Small Claims Orders

Have you incurred costs to restore your property back to good condition?


County Court Judgements

If the value of the debt is £10,000 or less, Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd will file and apply for a County Court Judgement through the small claims track.


You have up to six years to apply for a judgment from the date the debt was owed. We will gather all the relevant evidence to make the application on your behalf.


We will request judgment with a view to recover the outstanding debt.


All fees are recoverable and added to the claim.


Once we make an application to the County Court, a date is set for a hearing of possession. Before the hearing, we serve all the supporting documents and witness statements to the County Court, and the defendants. We will notify you of the time, date and court venue.


We advise that the claimant attends the court case. Due to circumstances however, it isn’t always possible for the landlord to make the hearing (i.e., due to residing abroad, holiday commitments, employment commitments or even residing in another distant city).


Whether you attend the hearing or not as the claimant, we will provide full legal representation. Your representative will be fully briefed with a copy of the file; they will also explain the procedure before being called into the court chambers. You may be asked to confirm who you are to the judge, once all parties are introduced.


There’s no need to worry about what to say in court – we will do all of the talking, giving a thorough explanation of the case. We will request a possession order and if there are arrears, a County Court Judgment, plus an award for costs.


Our specialist legal advisor will request a transfer to the High Court for money enforcement and possession.


After the hearing, whether present or not, we email the case notes for your records. Once in possession of the sealed order, a copy will be sent to you. The courts will automatically send a copy to the defendants.


We are proud of the fact that we take the stress and the hassle out of the legal process – allowing you to continue your day-to-day life.

Professional Service From Professional People

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Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd offer various ways to secure a warrant of possession and eviction of tenants. Once a case has been heard in the county court and a possession order granted, most tenants make arrangement to vacate the property.

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Commercial Eviction

Evict My Tenant Limiteds believe you should receive the money you’re owed on your commercial investment. Therefore our commercial team are here to assist with recovery by way of enforcing CRAR.


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Issues with renting
Personal Professional Services

Here at Evict My Tenant Limited UK Ltd, we offer a nationwide debtor tracing service which identifies and tracks down an individual’s residential address quickly and efficiently. We also deal with small claims orders and representation.

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