NLA confirm local authorities are perverting the course of justice

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Sep 24 2016

NLA confirm local authorities are perverting the course of justice

I read with interest that the The National Landlords Association (NLA)  are also now claiming something that many landlords have known for a while, that local authorities are knowing perverting the course of justice. The NLA have carried out some research and found out that tenants who have been served eviction notices are being advised by local councils and advice agencies to ignore eviction notices, this could be costing a landlord up to £7,000. We see lots of media coverage and investigative journalism on rogue landlords, why is nobody investigating this matter?

The advice that has been given out since at least the start of the year by local authorities and organisations such as Shelter and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau is to ignore eviction notices, wait to be evicted by bailiffs and subsequently qualify for rehousing. What about the landlord who relies on the rental income to pay their mortage. You can see why many landlords are now refusing to rent to social tenants especially as it is not a legal requirement.

It seems the NLA found that almost half of tenants who have been served a Section 21 notice have been told to ignore it, yet this has been known for many months and nothing has been done to correct the process.

I await with interest for the response from the evidence the NLA gave on the Homelessness Reduction Bill to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee.

Let us hope that the campaigning from the NLA has some positive impact on the current practices. Because it seems despite many warnings to councils and agencies, this damaging advice is still being given out to tenants

With the private landlord providing more and more housing for social tenants surely it is in the best long term interest of councils to work with landlords and not to alienate them?

It will inevitably damage landlords’ confidence in the local authority and tenants may be put at much greater risk of having nowhere to live.”

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  • Martin Hawke

    Yes, I am one affected landlord, with my local Council giving me a reply which was almost smug when I wrote to it about the very subject of advice issued earlier that Councils should regard Section 21 Notice as evidence of homelessness, without landlord having to go to Court to seek physical possession. And, yes, I will avoid social tenants in future. Worse than this, I PAID to join a scheme to HELP landlords run by this very Council!!

    3rd October 2016 at 9:46 am
  • A Marwaha

    I think the the local councils should be held accountable financially if they have aided a bad Landlord or tenant. At the present moment the local councils give bad advice. If a social tenant is found guilt of non payment of rent or damage, then the council should be held financially held responsible for any nonpayment of rent or damage. Then you will see how quickly the local councils take steps to stop rogue tenants causing damage or non payment if rent. The same goes for rogue landlords they should be fined and banned from taking tenants in that particular property for say 3 months etc, as a deterrent to fix the property up before letting.

    3rd October 2016 at 11:31 am

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