The must use guide for both landlords and tenants

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Oct 22 2018

The must use guide for both landlords and tenants

The guide is the latest revised ‘how to rent’ booklet that must be given to ALL new tenants entering an agreement. Should anything happen and you need to evict a tenant, you do not want to give any potential loopholes for a smooth legal eviction.

Although this guide is aimed at tenants, it is vital that as a landlord you clearly understand the document as you must give a copy to every tenant. We want to share the guide with you and ensure as many landlords are aware of the need to provide a copy of this guide to all tenants. Please feel to share your thoughts and comments, the guide is a document that will no doubt be updated again and if we can pass on thoughts and comments to key stakeholders we will.

It is worth pointing out that the guide is for those who are considering renting a house or flat on an assured shorthold tenancy. However, most of the content of the guide will equally apply if you are in a shared property but in certain cases your rights and responsibilities will vary, if you are unsure give us a quick call

The guide does not cover lodgers (people who live with their landlord) or people with licences – nor tenants where the property is not their main or only home.

When you enter an assured shorthold tenancy. you are entering into a legally binding contractual arrangement. This gives important rights to both the landlord and the tenant, but also some responsibilities.

The guide will help you to understand what questions to ask, what your rights are, and what responsibilities you have. This will help you create a positive relationship between both parties, it will also inform should things go wrong. I would recommend taking your time and reading the guide a couple of times. When it comes to renting a property, things can move very quickly so take the time to read the guide prior to looking at any suitable places.

Click to read or download the guide. 

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