Lettings Agents play a vital Role within the industry

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Sep 09 2015

Lettings Agents play a vital Role within the industry

A recent survey carried out suggests that the majority of landlords prefer not to have contact with their tenants, instead they would rather employ the services of professional agents such as ourselves and letting agents to handle their day to day affairs and property management.

The survey reported that over 85% of landlords prefer not to deal directly with their tenants and 90% were unhappy with the tenants calling or emailing them with issues. In summary, the survey implies that that the majority of landlords want to invest in property but like the buffer of employing professional companies to deal with any issues or concerns. This is more apparent with the latest changes in regulations and legislation.
In contrast the survey further stated that full time landlords prefer hands-on involvement and control, however with the majority of landlords being either employed or retired and often inexperienced they too rely on assistance with managing their property or portfolio.

When dealing with tenant issues or eviction, both landlords and letting agencies contact us to ensure they are following the correct processes and procedures. On numerous occasions we have been contacted by landlords raising their concerns; they can’t sleep at night, can’t concentrate at work, the stress is having an effect on their home life. We try our best to allay their concerns and offer solutions to their problems.

We recently had a landlord cancel their summer holiday to Greece due to the stress a tenant was causing with noise, nuisance and non-payment of rent. We acted on behalf of Mr C, from London to evict these tenants. We were awarded a 14 day possession order, judgement for arrears, plus costs for our client. If you are experiencing tenant issues, please contact our office today and let us provide you with a cost effective solution.

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