Landlords in UK want their tenants to be happy.

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Jun 28 2016

Landlords in UK want their tenants to be happy.

Despite more people renting a home in the UK, it seems that there is increasing competition for landlords to attract the best tenants.

What would you do to keep a good tenant happy? Do you think there is an endless supply of good tenants? We read some research from Endsleigh found that 90% landlords surveyed have gone out of their way to make their tenants welcome and 41% say they would unreservedly go the extra mile to keep their tenants happy. We have found this to be the case with the landlords that we provide services for, as many have mentioned that there is a huge difference between a bad and good tenant.

Issues with renting
If you read all the press you would think that tenants and landlords are on opposing sides and it is a battle between the two parties. However, the research found that 50% of landlords are very happy with their current tenants. The positivity is reflected by tenants as 83% of those surveyed said they were happy with their current landlord. So despite all the media the two concerns can co-exist and have a happy tenancy.

It is in the best interests of landlords to keep good tenants happy. We see so many landlords stressed and out of pocket from dealing with poor and bad tenants. Far better to hold on to a good tenant, than let them go and replace with an unknown quantity. Would you absorb some rental costs to keep a good tenant? It seems just over a quarter of you would to ensure reliability and just under half of you would redecorate if asked by a good tenant.

What do you think your tenant considers important when looking for a property? After a realistic rental price for the area, most tenants want the property to be professional clean and of course Wi-Fi.

It comes as no surprise that the survey found that just under half of landlords feel that the government is victimising them and not doing enough to prevent professional rogue tenants.  Yet despite their current rental contract being legal they do not feel it adequately protects them

Clearly something is amiss with the government’s policies as the majority of tenants also feel the government is not doing enough to protect them from such things as illegal evictions or being removed as a tenant for no reason.

Are you one of the 67% of landlords that despite all the changes still believe it is worth being a landlord? Does it contribute to your future plans such as retirement?

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