Landlords fined but is it enough to deter others

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Sep 14 2016

Landlords fined but is it enough to deter others

A pair of landlords in Hounslow are fined over £10k for letting 10 people live together in squalid conditions

Once again rogue landlords have hit the media with their actions. A pair of Hounslow landlords have been prosecuted for providing poor housing conditions and running an unlicensed house in multiple occupation. The London landlords have been given what some would seem as a hefty fine for allowing people to live in a damp riddled property without any fire detectors.

The landlords were caught due Hounslow Council enforcement officers visiting the flat after a fire at the shop below in September 2015.
A pair of landlords in Hounslow have been slapped with a hefty fine for allowing people to live in damp-riddled rooms without fire detectors. It seems that the landlords jointly own the property and had allowed 10 tenants to live in the unlicensed property, sharing a small kitchen and bathroom. In addition to the lack of a licence and poor conditions the London landlords had failed to install any fire or smoke detectors and the fire alarm and fire doors were damaged.
Here at Evict My Tenant Limited, we are constantly commenting on how the legal system cannot cope with the volume of cases for both removing tenants and for local authorities to prosecute rogue landlords especially in the larger cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.
It has taken almost a year to bring these two landlords to justice, meanwhile they have been receiving an income from 10 poorly treated tenants. The punishment for the landlords a fine of under £11,000. When you consider how long they had been running the illegal HMO does the fine deter other landlords from doing the same?
As much as the local council can be praised for successfully prosecuting the Hounslow landlords, the government needs to look at our current legal system to speed up the process for issues of this nature. The council are quoted as saying that they hope this will act as a warning and deter other rogue landlords.
Do you think it will make any difference to other rogue landlords?

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