Are Labour changing their views

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Dec 04 2017

Are Labour changing their views

Are Labour and Jeremy Corbyn accepting that we are becoming a nation of renters and targeting tenants for votes? Whilst we still have the conservatives pitching that everyone has the opportunity to be a homeowner, their recent onslaught towards landlords would confirm this ethos.

Now I am sure we can all agree that the ever-increasing housing crisis needs to be dealt with ideally prior to the next election. However, are Labour really interested in the welfare of the ever-increasing voting power of tenants who are typically more political with their points of view and behaviour?

With an estimated 4.5 million renter households, are Labour being very astute with the political posturing?

Mr Corbyn is promising rent controls in some cities, guaranteed homes for existing tenants on redeveloped estates, and a tax on developers who fail to build on empty sites. How will this really impact on the rental and housing market?

We all know the government will not fund the social housing required to meet the current needs of our society.  If they introduce severe rent controls surely this would just lead to landlords selling up or reducing any investment in properties leading to more housing in poor condition. For once landlords and tenant charities such as Shelter all agree that any rent caps will need to be carefully evaluated before and during any implementation.

We need to look at what happened the last time our country had rent controls, private rented housing went from making up 90% of homes to 10%, with rent controls.

Labour claim that rent controls will save renter money and offer more stability by making three-year tenancies the norm?

In summary the Labour leader has made some very ambious claims but from what I can see some will be very difficult to successfully implement and could result in an increase in tenant evictions due to landlords finally giving up.

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