How not to evict your tenant

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Feb 01 2020

How not to evict your tenant

How not to evict your tenant, a Landlady, her partner and two accomplices are given jail terms totalling 70 years after eviction in Essex went horribly wrong.

Although this is an extreme case, I come across incidents almost every day where the landlord has tried to take the evicting of tenants into their own hands, with very limited success rates.

There are a few cases where the landlord has removed their tenant illegally and has been fortunate that the tenant was unaware of their legal rights. However, most DIY/illegal tenant evictions result in more financial misery for the landlord and an even longer eviction process.

This is such a case, even if the outcome is extreme. In times of stress it always amazes me how the human mind works and tenant eviction is stressful.

Unfortunately, a landlady and friends stabbed a tenant and left the tenant to die from the injury. Interestingly the court found the friends guilty of murder which implies the stabbing and subsequent death was premeditated, yet the landlady was found guilty of manslaughter.

The whole unfortunately incident was over a dispute over debt and then the subsequent illegal eviction. Crucially the reason for the murder conviction, they appeared to have gone armed with weapons to evict the tenant.

I question what they thought would happen turning up to threaten a tenant with weapons to move out of the property. It seems there was a struggle which resulted in the tenant being stabbed in the leg and quickly bled to death.

An extremely sad case of a landlord choosing to take the law into their own hands. I would love to hear your comments on this incident and if you have heard of other landlords taking tenant eviction into their own hands.

As I mentioned previously, I can count on one hand the number of successful DIY tenant evictions by landlords. As much as I totally sympathise with landlords, it is far better to use the legal process for evicting a tenant. The law is so biased towards the tenant that any actions like this incident will see the courts delivering the most severe punishment they can.

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