Grandma who fought to win possession of her own rented property finds the mess the tenants left.

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Dec 23 2017

Grandma who fought to win possession of her own rented property finds the mess the tenants left.

I am sure this is not new news to most of the landlords and letting agents out there, but I wanted to share this possession case with you to try to address the amount of rogue landlord articles I have been reading.


A landlord has recently gone through the costly process of evicting their tenant to win possession of her rented property. However, she was shocked when she entered the premises to see what the tenant had done prior to being removed. The evicted tenant had covered the property in animal faeces.


The first time landlord who is also a Grandmother stated that the buy to let property will need almost £10k worth of work before she can rent the property again.

Now the reason for sharing this with you, if a landlord did not provide suitable accommodation or behaved in such a manner a whole host of fines and uproar would follow.

What will happen to the tenant that caused what I see as deliberate criminal damage to the property?

The evicted tenant smothered dog and cat faeces on carpets and furniture and it seems collected litter so they could pile it high in every room, leaving rotting food for the landlord to remove.

In addition to the horid state of the property it seems the removed tenant also damaged some white goods and furnishings within the property.

I understand we have had petitions for ban the tax, and to try to prevent the ban on letting agent fees, but is it not about time that the law is changed to procescute such rogue tenants, where is the concequence of this tenants actions, what will stop them repeating this behaviour with future landlords?

There are several potential solutions to preventing this. One would be to speed up the court eviction process. I am all for removing a tenant legally but the time it takes is far too long.

What power does the landlord have to recover these damages, should there be a fund that if the tenant does not pay a landlord can apply to said fund. Where is all the licencing money going?


Despite the landlord winning the court order, they will be the victim in all of this, they paid all the costs and fees because the tenants could not afford it because of their financial situation.

We need to address the balance of protection for landlords and tenants as clearly it is currently stacked in favour of any tenant evicted or otherwise.


As we move towards a nation of renters the whole legal system dealing with our sector needs a dramatic overall. What is the consequence of this incident? Well the landlord has to try an recoup their costs, how do they do that?

One method would be to charge future tenants more rent, this would mean potentially honest good tenants are now being punished because of the previous rogue tenant.

A local Councillor Joe Cooney, who represents the area on Pendle Council claims that they don’t think the law should be changed because it’s already at a very fine balance of making sure the rights of both tenants and landlords are agreed but the landlord has every right to pursue any legal proceedings she is entitled to regarding what has happened. However, when the tenant has no money what is the point of further court costs to recoup money the tenant will not pay?

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