Is the government anti landlord

Dec 10 2016

Is the government anti landlord

Over the festive period, I have been carrying out some research on the landlords that use our services to either evict tenants or chase for rent arrears. It is clear from the feedback they have given that over 90% of landlords for one reason or another believe that the current government is very anti-private landlord.

Interestingly the landlords that have only a few properties had the strongest views on how all the changes are designed to stop them being a landlord. A couple even commented that it was all being done to aid the government win the next election as voters want to own their own property?

Clearly the biggest gripe amongst the landlords with fewer properties is the change to stamp duty and the proposed surcharge on additional properties. By contrast those landlords that have had years of experience, although did comment that the changes did appear to be anti-landlord, the real people being effected were the tenants as most of the costs will be passed on to them.

From the respondents, there is a clear divide from the well-established landlord and those who have been buy to let landlords for less than five years. With the later now unsure of what 2017 may hold and just over half considering selling up and investing in other methods.

It would be nice if the government would give a clear statement of intent as to why they appear to be so against the small private landlord.

We had responses from several landlords who on average have over 30 properties each and as mentioned they agreed that the changes were not pro landlord, they felt that this is just one of the cycles that buy to let property goes through.

With so many factors impacting on the buy to let market it is very difficult to take an impartial view, however is does seem that the government want corporations to be landlords rather than private landlords. However, all these changes come at a cost and corporations the same as landlords will have to pass on the costs to tenants.

With this in mind, will all this really make the government more popular come the next election.

When you consider all the other cut backs and the lack of government funded social housing is it not folly to drive out the private landlord?

To me it does appear that society needs the private landlord to supply property, so we need the government to take another look and support landlords and encourage them to continue to invest and provide a vital pipeline of homes for people who simply cannot afford to buy.

Why do you think the government is taking this particular path?

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  • Phil Canning

    The heavily indebted government want investors’ money in the stock market where, in their view, it is helping the economy and where they can get at it. They have forced it out of bank accounts through low interest rates and now want to make buy to let unattractive.

    30th January 2017 at 9:30 pm
  • Barbara Nunn

    The majority of rental property is in the private sector and the majority of private landlords own only one, or just a few properties.
    The rental market is already under pressure but many small private landlords (like us) are already putting properties on the market to sell owing to punishing changes in tax and a plethora of new regulations. This will of course lead to further shortages of rental properties in many areas.

    20th February 2017 at 9:18 am
  • a parker

    i think the government are trying to get rid of land lords who flout the law and put tenants lives and health at at risk and I think they take the view that lots of people are jumping on the buy to let wagon to make a fast buck with no or little experience of letting property and just want to make it unatractive to the first timer and they make a profit at the same time .they think all private landlords are bad people which is not true I’m a small established land lord with 4 properties of 25 plus years and look after my properties and tennant,s .have had 2 sets of tenants for over 12 years in 2 of my places .but having said all this I do think the government just look for ways to tax every thing and everyone to the hilt except for them selves and their mates of course

    20th February 2017 at 10:32 am

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