Gifting your buy to let property via your will

May 12 2019

Gifting your buy to let property via your will

Gifting your buy to let property to Shelter.

Are Shelter joining our ranks and becoming landlords?

I came across a brief article where they are asking people to gift properties to Shelter. Would this not then make them a landlord enterprise? How can they lobby against landlords and they have their own gifted property portfolio?

It appears they are trying to claim to be a landlord with a heart claiming your gifted buy to let property will provide a stable life and a warm safe home. Not that any other landlord does not provide exactly the same!

They claim that with them as a landlord your gift to them would be life-changing for their tenants, as it would give them accommodation and a nurturing environment of a home. It is my belief that the tenant makes a property a home not the landlord or the owner of the property.

Have Shelter changed their goals and objectives? If you click on their free will writing guide are they going into the will writing business too? Would any will written be truly objective or benefit Shelter?

Would you gift one of your buy to let properties to Shelter in your will?

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