Fergus Wilson hindering or helping private landlords

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Mar 19 2019

Fergus Wilson hindering or helping private landlords

It seems businessman and landlord Fergus Wilson was once again reaffirming his stance on what he believes is good business when it comes to renting properties.

The buy-to-let landlord, maybe extremely successful but on occasion his views and business practices can be considered contentious at best. He and his wife are currently in the process of selling off their entire buy to let portfolio of around 300 residential properties, this is resulting in some tenant evictions. The BBC show Panorama showed the impact of his buy to let sell off on his tenants.

The filming is supposed to give a landlord view on the current issues with the property market and issues with renting properties to tenants.

Did you manage to watch the program? I would love to hear your views on this, hopefully it will give a balanced view of the issue’s landlords and tenants face. Although with it being the BBC it will be interesting to see how they report the impact of Section 21 on tenants when it comes to evicting a tenant.

I am sure you remember when he and his wife made the news for refusing to take certain members of the community. Also implying that other tenants due to their lifestyle, resulted in his properties needing a deeper clean than normal.

What are your thoughts on Mr Wilson’s comments about tenants? “Basically, we have got two types of tenants – those who agree with me and ex-tenants.”

“I can do what I like. You don’t want me to lie about it, do you?” It does appear that he has a disregard for certain elements of the law?

It is interesting that he agrees with many of us that the issue of housing is not the responsibility of the landlord but the government needs to be held accountable for the lack of properties in the UK.

I did like his comment “Not everyone on housing benefit is a problem, but every problem is on housing benefit” Although I have had a few tenant eviction cases where the tenant was not on housing benefit.

As he said the duty of care cannot be passed onto private landlords, it has to remain with the local and central government. Something that both the major political parties seem to be forgetting and are too quick to blame the private landlord.

You either love or hate his stance and views, but you cannot argue with his business strategy as it resulted in over 1000 buy to let properties. Unlike most businesses today he appears to not care about the views of other stakeholders.

He has issued 90 tenant eviction notices in January, giving them two months’ to move out, as part of his plan to offload hundreds of homes, rather than seek buyers who are landlords.

If a person like Fergus is ready to give it all up, what future do other private landlords have? Did this program do Landlords a favour or further the negative impression of private landlords.

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  • I didn’t see the program but I’ve seen Ferguson and I agree he doesn’t do us much favours . He is correct any saying that not all housing benefit tenants are a problem but all problem tenants are housing benefit tenants. I disagree with evicting tenants to sell a property and personally would never evict a single let tenant because I wanted to sell or change the property into a HMO or flats. I operate a no eviction policy where I will only evict for cause. This is always where the tenant wilfully refuses to pay rent or refuses to cooperate in claiming housing benefit and there is a lot of them. I will not evict a tenant if they generally are unable to pay the rent and in the 28 years I’ve been in this business I’ve never come across one. Why probably because if a tenant cannot pay the rent they can claim housing benefit. So far all my antisocial tenants also do not pay rent so it’s simple to evict them but takes too much time for non-payment of rent.

    9th April 2019 at 7:39 am
  • Clem

    It hurt the cause of Landlords. BBC always look for an angle & will edit footage for that purpose. They made Fergus seem like a Ebenezer scrooge.

    10th April 2019 at 10:17 am

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