Did the government intentionally mislead us

Aug 31 2018

Did the government intentionally mislead us

Did you have your say? Did you attempt to influence the consultation on if longer term tenancies will indeed become mandatory rather than what was initially thought? We could have an outcome in weeks rather than months. Is having longer tenancies an issue? What if section 21 was removed at the same time as longer tenancies were introduced?

From the many property meets I attend, along with property exhibitions, it is clear that in principle most landlords would welcome longer tenancies, with most stating that a good tenant now stays for around four years.

At the Conservative Party in October 2017, Sajid Javid gave the impression that longer tenancies would be on a voluntary basis, we all like the option of choice. It does appear that deliberate or otherwise the idea of voluntary is not the what the government intends.

Have the Government always had the intention of pushing for a mandatory 3yr tenancy? If most good tenants stay for almost 4yrs, the issue is dealing with bad tenants. If the tenant eviction process was speeded up as part of a 3yr tenancy would that be more favourable?

It also appears that the longer-term tenancies will be loaded in favour of the tenant, rather than an equal playing field. After 6 months the landlord is locked-in for another 2.5 years, but the tenant can walk away with a short notice, unsure at this moment in time what the short notice will be. To make matters worse the eviction process does not appear to be overhauled in a common-sense way and again is bias towards the tenant. The so called no fault section 21 process would be removed and only the tenant eviction process of section 8 remaining.

I have said many times before, are this Government hell bent on removing the private landlord from this country? Are the Government going to provide housing for all the homeless tenants, when landlords finally say enough is enough?

Did the government deliberately hoodwink the industry with a rushed change of policy and what appears to be a relatively short consultation period?

Interesting that one of our larger voices the NLA have responded with their concerns as follows:

“the increased risk associated with longer term tenancies for landlords, particularly with regard to removing tenants who breach the terms of their tenancy”

“the urgency need to reform the court processes so that tenants can be removed where there is a breach of tenancy without undue delay or cost before any longer tenancies can be introduced”

“the importance need of maintaining Section 22”

“the importance of flexibility in lengths of tenure, to account for the needs of different tenants and landlords”

It is interesting to read how different findings are obtained, the Government claims this change is from extensive consultation, yet the NLA have found that around 40% of tenants want longer tenancies, so 60% do not want longer tenancies?

Yes, I believe we need to have a system in keeping with the times, but not confident that this even more restrictive model is the way forward.

Again, are Politicians playing with people’s lives and livelihood in an attempt to win votes?

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