Council blames homelessness on section 21

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Oct 27 2018

Council blames homelessness on section 21

The political band wagon on section 21 continues, it will be interesting to monitor if any which other councils jump on the band wagon along with their political allegiances. I recently read that Croydon council is now formally behind the scrapping of Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act, which enables landlords or their agents to terminate a tenancy agreement.

Interesting that they are claiming the main cause for homelessness in the area is private landlords evicting tenants. Really so the lack of affordable housing, the decline in social housing, etc has no factor on homelessness? I wonder how many tenant evictions the council carries out? From our experience a section 21 is only implemented on exceptional circumstances, normally from an external source rather than due to the landlord waking up one morning and deciding to remove their tenant.

Section 21 is not the cause of homelessness, the behaviour that leads to the tenant eviction is the cause of homelessness. If a person is caught drink driving, the subsequent ban is not the cause for the loss of licence but the drink driving. Indeed, Shelter themselves agree (sometimes) that we should be looking at the cause of the eviction and any homelessness, not the method of tenant eviction.

Is this another move by local authorities of keeping rogue anti-social tenants being housed by private tenants so they do not have to house and eventually evict them?

Maybe if Local councils tried to work with private landlords rather than using the tenant as a means of dealing with their own issues. I have had numerous dealing with tenant evictions where the tenant has been advised by the council to ignore the eviction notice and stay until the last moment.

It seems the authority has backed End Unfair Evictions group, which includes individual protest organisations including Generation Rent, Shelter and anti-agency organisation Acorn. When are people going to sit down and look at the problem as a whole, rather than using the minority of rogue landlords and rogue tenants to escalate an already growing problem of housing?

If section 21 eventually is scrapped would you consider selling your buy to let properties? It is known that if Labour become the next government one of the first things they will do is abolish section 21, without an alternative solution.

Is there an alternative solution?

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