More complaints for letting agents

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Oct 13 2017

More complaints for letting agents

With a dramatic increase in complaints against letting agencies this year, are we seeing a drop in the quality of the offering from letting agents due to external pressures? Alternatively, if humans are given a route to complain will this increase encourage people to make complaints?

Is the redress scheme directly responsible for the sharp increase in complaints? What are people complaining about? Looking at the latest report from the Property Redress Scheme it seems that the same complaints prior to the scheme are being raised, these being, property management, deposits and rent issues. So I ask has the Redress scheme done anything to improve the service letting agents provide and weed out those that should not be in the industry. Has trust between letting agents, landlords and tenants improved as a direct result of the Property Redress Scheme. I would say not, especially when relationships break down and companies like Evict a Tenant are instructed to remove tenants.

I hear people claim that the very nature of the letting process is complicated? Or they quote all the increases in legislation that is building mistrust between letting agents, landlord and tenants.

I ask this, was there a general lack of trust prior to all the recent changes? As an industry did we make some of the processes more complicated than they had to be as a means of protecting our businesses? As technology and competition has driven up standards then the weaker agencies are going to fall by the wayside and the stronger agencies will provide a quality service and thus complaints reduced. Although as humans we like to complain so are you ever going to stop the complaints?

Do we deliberately not communicate effectively to maintain our businesses and just ride out the complaints?

When you look at all the recent legislation, the majority of it could be communicated to landlords and tenants from letting agents. However, I am aware of a few who have used some of the legislation to add further management fees to their services. A very short term approach?

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