Which city would you choose London or New York

Apr 07 2017

Which city would you choose London or New York

I came across these images from spareroom.com. Which city would choosed based on this information?

Typpical flat mate in London and New YorkIt appears from the above that the average Londoner earns less, is slightly younger and is more likely to have several flatmates. But how far does there money go?

How much does it cost to rent in london

It is surprising to find tha London is definitely cheaper than New York when it comes to rent, of course this is off set by the earning potential of the two tenants. Looking deeper into their research, in New York you are also more likely to get some outside space for your money.

cost of living in London

It is not a surprise based on wages that Londoners earn less, they also need to spend a lot less on bills and food. Have made up your mind which city you would choose?

Getting around in London

So based on this information, which city would you choose?

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