ignoring the deposit scheme
May 31 2016

Landlords avoiding benefits tenants

Landlords avoiding benefits tenants due to Osborne's tax changes It makes sense that landlords are now looking to house tenants less likely to miss rental payments in order to minimise the impact of a number of tax changes to the Private Rented Sector (PRS). This...

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ignoring the deposit scheme
May 26 2016

Estate agent steals £30k and only pays back £1300

Estate agent, pockets nearly £30,000 and lavishing it on luxury holidays to Las Vegas and Egypt Yet another rogue individual within the property industry. A estate agent left tenants facing eviction and landlords unpaid after pocketing nearly £30,000 and splashing out on two luxury holidays. Nicholas Dowse...

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more than one way to skin a landlord
May 23 2016

The government targets Landlords yet again

It seems that during a meeting between the government and the RLA the minister said landlords should be made to squeal under the current crackdown to help people buy their own homes. The short sightedness of this comment really shocks me. Not everyone can or...

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Do you have troublesome tenants
May 16 2016

Is the market being flooded with rental properties

It seems many landlords snapped up properties ahead of Aprils stamp duty deadline. We are now seeing those properties come on to the letting market. However will the rush of properties really alter the supply and demand dynamic that current prevails within the letting industry. Rightmove...

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commercial landlords
May 11 2016

Is commercial property now a better option

I am noticing that an increasing number of the landlords that we support are choosing to move away from residential property and investing in property types that have a more favorable tax situation, such as retail units and small commercial developments. They also claim that...

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mayor of london
May 09 2016

Sadiq Khan I will expose rogue landlords

So London has a new mayor in Sadiq Khan. He has pledged to crackdown on rogue landlords. During his campaign Sadiq set out plans for a London Landlord Watchlist and said he would come down on those who exploit tenants “like a ton of bricks”. It...

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