Aug 04 2019

Are rents really decreasing

I have read several recent reports that claim the average rent dropped in over half the regions of the UK. However, I have attended several industry events already this month and not a single person has mentioned that rents are decreasing. However, when you start...

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houses of parliment
Jun 04 2019

Land for the Many paid for by the few

It seems Labour are really stepping up their tactics to secure votes, especially with Mrs May announcing her retirement. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have commissioned an alleged independent report to look at the way land in the UK is used and governed, the report...

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Donald Trump
Nov 11 2016

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom? Are wealthy American property investors now looking to exit their home country and take advantage of the current strong dollar against the sterling. This could now make Britain especially London as an attractive alternative to investing in...

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wear and tear expenses changes
Jun 30 2016

Landlords are your contracts legal

Landlords, are your contracts legal?   We have started to notice that many landlords to not have a formal tenancy agreement in place and are either relying on a gentleman’s agreement or a contract that is not legally binding, all well and good until something goes wrong....

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Evict a tenant helping remove bad tenants
Jun 07 2016

Refusing Benefit Tenants not Unlawful

It seems that it is not unlawful to refuse tenants that are claiming housing benefit. A recent House of Commons briefing report: “Can private landlords refuse To Let to Housing Benefit Claimants?”  found that it is not unlawful discrimination for a landlord or letting agent...

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how to evict a tenant in england and wales
May 31 2016

Rogue Birmingham landlord fined £24k

Rogue Birmingham landlord fined £24k after putting lives of tenants at risk A landlord who has property in Birmingham was recently fined £24k for failing to obtain a HMO license and multiple breaches of the HMO Management Regulations. It was reported that the property was a...

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