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Do you have troublesome tenants
Nov 22 2016

When is small too small?

Landlords won’t be able to rent tiny bedrooms anymore   Of course, what constitutes tiny. However, is it good that a minimum standard will potentially be set. The current legislation will only to apply to properties in England, the legislation is being driven by the current Housing and Planning...

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Donald Trump
Nov 11 2016

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom? Are wealthy American property investors now looking to exit their home country and take advantage of the current strong dollar against the sterling. This could now make Britain especially London as an attractive alternative to investing in...

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more landlord bashing
Nov 09 2016

Yet another potential blow for landlords

Potentially more bad news for landlords The final version of Bob Blackman MP’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been published prior to the second reading in Parliament. It appears the final version delivers yet another blow to landlords. The previous draft would have stopped councils from advising tenants to...

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legal image
Oct 31 2016

How do we stop criminal scammers

As much as I work with landlords and letting agents to remove tenants. We always follow the correct legal process and ensure when a tenant is evicted we have done everything possible to make the process as stress free as possible. If frustrates me when I...

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broken egg
Oct 17 2016

Why is this acceptable?

We get calls every day about evicting a tenant. In addition to those phone calls the next most common are about chasing a tenant either for arrears or for stolen property. It amazes me how tenants think it is fair game to take a landlord’s...

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green tax
Oct 12 2016

Axe the tax has failed so far

I have been watching the attempt of landlords Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper to seek a Judicial Review of legislation reducing the mortgage interest tax relief for landlords It saddens and outrages me to find out that the review has failed. The landlords were represented by law...

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