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landlords prefer pets to people
Mar 20 2017

Pets over people

Pets over people It seems the BBC have carried out some investigative research and found that Landlords are more likely to accept potential renters who own pets than people claiming benefits. The BBC analysed some 11,000 online listings for spare rooms found all but a few hundred...

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green tax
Feb 27 2017

Are licensing schemes working

It seems licensing schemes are still on the up and up with local authorities attempting to get tougher and tougher with landlords who do not comply. I recently read that Peterborough City Council issued a statement insisting that buy-to-let landlords have one last chance to join...

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Jan 16 2017

Be aware of the sitting tenant

We have recently received several phone calls from new landlords who have bought properties with existing tenants in the property and within six months the tenant has stopped paying their rent. Most tenants are trying to claim that the property have maintenance issues and are...

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Dec 10 2016

Is the government anti landlord

Over the festive period, I have been carrying out some research on the landlords that use our services to either evict tenants or chase for rent arrears. It is clear from the feedback they have given that over 90% of landlords for one reason or...

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