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more than one way to skin a landlord
Aug 31 2017

licensing schemes are they really working

It appears the licensing schemes are here to stay, this month sees several English cities such as Bristol and Nottingham gain their own licensing schemes. Now I know many landlords are strongly against these schemes feeling they are being penalised for the minority of rogue landlords...

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I want that house
Aug 11 2017

It is all about the tenant

I keep reading that landlords are being blamed for a whole generation being priced out of the housing market. Further reading claims that home ownership due to young people being priced out of the chance of buying a property, leaving them no choice but to...

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Map of the UK
Jun 14 2017

Are Landlords racist

Is the Right to Rent turning law abiding landlords into racist. Should the government change the Right to Rent scheme, which effectively forces buy-to-let landlords to act as border control officer, putting increase stress and pressure on them. To recap, since the was introduced across England...

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ignoring the deposit scheme
Jun 05 2017

Current legal process and enforcement

I often read about the need to overall the current legal process and enforcement when it comes to removing tenants from a property. Some call for stronger enforcement, whilst others claim streamlining the existing legislation would not only deter potential rental abuse from tenants but...

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monopoly board
May 12 2017

Debating the deposit!

When a tenancy comes to an end one of the biggest points of contention is always the deposit. Both parties have different opinions on what is acceptable, both in terms of condition of property and how much deductions should be made from the deposit. When we...

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Apr 07 2017

Which city would you choose London or New York

I came across these images from Which city would choosed based on this information? It appears from the above that the average Londoner earns less, is slightly younger and is more likely to have several flatmates. But how far does there money go? It is surprising to find tha London is...

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