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removing tenants
Mar 05 2016

Spare a thought for the landlord

I would like to share with you a situation that happened to us earlier in the year. An elderly lady visited our offices in September with an issue she had with a tenant. Through floods of tears she told me, that her tenants had not paid their...

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Do you have troublesome tenants
Mar 03 2016

Do you have troublesome tenants?

It is not news that becoming a landlord will bring with it several financial responsibilities, but while these aspects are often carefully considered by most landlords, there's one area that can be overlooked, the thoughts of the tenants themselves. Unfortunately, not taking this into consideration...

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subletting by tenants
Feb 24 2016


Do you know who’s living in your property? Subletting is definitely on the increase. We have found a couple of research articles that shows that when surveyed just over 17% of tenants admitted to renting out all or part of their property to someone who...

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too many tenant removals
Feb 16 2016

How many tenant removals is too many

How many tenant removals is too many? We were carrying out some market research and came across an interesting article regarding tenant evictions and the increase in removing tenants from their homes. According to the Ministry for justice, it seems that more than 170 tenants were...

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ignoring the deposit scheme
Feb 02 2016

Is it worth the risk?

We have received a few phone calls this month from Landlords concerned about protecting a tenants’ deposit and the potential consequences of failing to do this correctly. We thought we would do a little digging and it seems that despite all the information about securing...

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landlord punished
Jan 08 2016

Another landlord punished

It was with disbelief that over Christmas I read that a landlord had illegally evicted their tenant and left their belongings in the garden.   The landlord who is based in Birmingham, carried out a threat of changing the locks at the rental property. The tenant...

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