Are you being sexist

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Feb 27 2018

Are you being sexist

A couple of years ago we read a white paper that stated that it was not unlawful to refuse benefit tenants. However, it seems that this is now being challenged due to a recent court case. A single mother won compensation for sex discrimination from a lettings agent who refused her a tenancy due to receiving benefits.

If this becomes a landmark case, then potentially thousands of lettings agents and landlords around the country who reject housing benefit claimants could be flouting equality laws. If you were forced to let out your property to a social tenant would you reconsider being a landlord?

It is interesting that she managed to successfully argue that the letting agents complete ban of social tenants was sex discrimination as proportionately more woman are likely to be claiming benefits. Yet this goes against the Governments own briefing paper.

Did the letting agent make the error of applying a blanket ban on social tenants? Are her circumstances unique to this particular case as she had been living in the same property for 11 years with the rent being paid in full every time. Will this allow for more social tenants to bring legal cases in terms of discrimination.

Is it a landlords prerogative to choose who they let their property too? Should every tenant be assessed individually regardless of their means of finances?

I know from my own experience about half of the landlords that I talk to prefer not to let to social tenants, they all state that previous experiences have deter them from wanting to repeat the experience.

Because of the lack of available social housing, more than a fifth of those renting privately are relying on housing benefit either wholly or partly to cover their rent, according to 2017 figures.

What are your thoughts on private landlords letting to social tenants?

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