Are we finally seeing the government listen to the interest of private landlords

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Apr 01 2019

Are we finally seeing the government listen to the interest of private landlords

Are we finally seeing the government listen to the interest of private landlords and ask the opinion of landlords about the legal process for the eviction of tenants?

At present there are separate court procedure between the county court and high court, the consultation wants views on combining the two procedures into one standard action.

You can add your opinion via their online survey, however this is only open until 2nd May

online survey .

The consultation is a result of several cases where both tenants and landlords have been critical of the treatment received from bailiffs and High Court enforcement officers. I believe we should use the survey to ensure the right issues are being addressed. I know of many landlords who have issues with the delays in actions from County Court bailiffs and would prefer to see a private bailiff carry out the duties of the County Court bailiff and not have it restricted to just county court bailiffs.

Already Lord Justice Coulson is saying they need a balance to be struck, I will watch with interest what they believe is balance.

He further explains and acknowledges that there are numerous landlords who are evicting tenants due to several months of unpaid rent and have themselves got into debt as a result of tenant rent arrears. Yet he wants the tenants to be aware that they are going to be evicted to enable them to make their representations at court.

Now maybe it is me, but if you do not pay your rent for several months what do you think is going to happen?

I agree that all parties should be treated fairly as not 100% convinced this is currently happening and the scales of justice are tipped in the favour of the tenant.

Hopefully the consultation process will bring the speed of a High Court eviction without the cost currently associated with a High Court eviction.

No matter how sceptical you might be about the effectiveness of this consultation I believe we have to take the opportunity and hope that our collective voice with both be heard and acted upon fairly.

I am not sure if he was misquoted when he stated that tenants are not given advance notice of an eviction, the process is extremely clear.

As I mentioned if we do not take part in the consultation, then we cannot hope to make a change, I highly urge landlords or agents to complete the online survey.

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