Another crazy idea from the Labour Party?

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Sep 02 2019

Another crazy idea from the Labour Party?

Another crazy idea from the Labour Party?

The labour party want to give private tenants the right to buy the property from the private landlord. It is part of their land for the many policy that we have discussed previously.

I don’t really have a political allegiance as they are never held accountable for their actions until it comes to yet another election.

Assuming there are more tenants than landlords, you have to believe that the latest Labour party idea is a means to bribe voters for their vote?

They recently announced that they want to give tenants who rent private homes the right to buy them at a cut-price rate. As a very rational person who works extremely hard to provide for my family I really struggle to understand this at all.

They claim it will reduce the amount of buy to let properties and give people a home. I agree it would reduce the amount of buy to let properties. Why would a landlord take all the risks, do all the work only to sell to their tenant at below market value?

They want to target/punish the middle-class family who works hard and invests in a second property for their retirement.

In addition to this jaw dropping news should the labour party win any snap election they want to confiscate over £300billion of companies’ shares and hand them to workers. Not only will the housing market diminish but the stock market too as those that have money to invest will clearly take overseas investments.

Why not have a long term social housing building program and let tenants buy those properties? I can see that they are taking the old right to buy for council tenants and applying it to private landlords and their properties.

I would love to understand the logic behind these statements. If anyone can help please comment below.

Would the amount of MP’s that are landlords and all the other major influential private landlords would the bill ever be passed to allow a forcible purchase at a discounted price ever become a reality?

Would you sell your properties if this became real?

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