A balanced approach to our industry.

wrong advice for tenants
Mar 12 2020

A balanced approach to our industry.

I wanted to share a news article with you and to get your opinion on the solution, if there is a solution. At this point I want to stress that I do not condone any behaviour by tenant or landlord that puts another in a physical or stressful situation.

It appears a male landlord (not sure it is important to the news that we know he is a man?) rented out accommodation as “flats” that posed “serious risk to life”. Interesting that certain words have been emphasised via the speech quotations

The “rogue landlord” rented out his so-called flats about his shop in Bristol. It appears that nine people including two children and a pregnant women were forced to live in two separate living spaces with children found sleeping in cupboards.

“the rogue landlord has so little compassion for human life” that “he chose not to attend the court hearing” At court he was found guilty of five counts of failing to comply with HMO regulations.

Although no structural reports were ever carried out on the property. The council claimed the tenants were in constant mortal danger and ran the daily risk to their lives.

The landlord and shop owner of Moresby Avenue, Surrey, did not turn up to Bristol Magistrates’ Court, but on 4 March he was found guilty in his absence at of five counts of failing to comply with regulations in respect of managing multiple occupants.

Of course the Politicians have to have their say, Councillor Paul Smith, cabinet member for housing, said: “These were some of the worst conditions environmental health officers working in this field have seen. How does he know this for sure?

He further added “This case is a prime example of a rogue landlord who has put the safety and welfare of tenants at risk and has been rightly convicted and fined for this.

Now as far as I understand it the justice system and reporting system is about the scales of balance. If you now search for rogue tenants, you will be hard pressed to find a news article at all, more companies like us, telling you how to evict a rogue tenant.

Will we ever see a balance in both the justice system and the media?

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