11 people found living in three-bed house

prosecute rogue landlords
Apr 20 2016

11 people found living in three-bed house

11 people found living in three-bed house in North Wembley London landlord faces prosecution.

A rogue landlord in the North Wembley area of London rightly had a rude awakening during an early morning raids on overcrowded properties.

To make matters worse the raid, carried out by the local council was filmed by ITV London News. Is it good that councils are now taking actions to ensure landlords with unlicensed properties are held to account?

During the raid enforcement teams entered a property found eleven people crammed into a three-bedroom mid-terrace house, which was reported to be in a general state of disrepair.

The landlord also owns a second property although the enforcement officers were unable to gain access, the property also showed signs of overcrowding.

Photographic evidence was gathered at both properties and the landlords are likely to face prosecution.

In an unrelated incident last January a raid discovered 23 people, including 10 children, living in a one semi-detached house.

Do these raids send out messages to rogue landlords or are the rewards from carrying out such overcrowding worth the risk of prosecution? Would it be interesting to see the demographic of the tenants? They must be in desperate needs to put up with this level of overcrowding.

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