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commercial landlords
May 11 2016

Is commercial property now a better option

I am noticing that an increasing number of the landlords that we support are choosing to move away from residential property and investing in property types that have a more favorable tax situation, such as retail units and small commercial developments. They also claim that...

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housing and planning bill
Apr 30 2016

Help amend the Housing and Planning Bill

The Housing and Planning Bill, which includes measures to tackle criminal landlords and letting agents. However, should the bill not be more balanced and address the issue of problem tenants, especially with the increase of criminal rogue tenants. The bill includes proposals to ban and fine...

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prosecute rogue landlords
Apr 20 2016

11 people found living in three-bed house

11 people found living in three-bed house in North Wembley London landlord faces prosecution. A rogue landlord in the North Wembley area of London rightly had a rude awakening during an early morning raids on overcrowded properties. To make matters worse the raid, carried out by...

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wrong advice for tenants
Apr 16 2016

Does the punishment fit the crime

We were staggered to read that a letting agent and her former boyfriend have managed to steal over £400k from a letting agent and its clients in Sutton Coldfield. The pair have been jailed for a total of seven years. Is this sufficient justice for...

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