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airbnb subletting
Sep 21 2016

Are landlords moving to Airbnb

We discussed this topic a few months ago on social media following an increase in requests for us to help landlords remove tenants, to allow them to list their properties on Airbnb. It seems that here at Evict My Tenant Limited are not the only...

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broken egg
Sep 12 2016

Is your buy to let dream over

What will happen with buy to let properties? We constantly see in the news about the rich poor devide. Has it now reached the buy to let industry. It seems that new rules for being accepted for a buy to let mortgage are going to exculde...

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legal image
Aug 19 2016

Is common sense starting to prevail

I was chatting to one of our clients in Weston-Super-Mare about some up coming tenant evictions. As normal we discussed issues within the lettting industry and how the media and the government like to bash the good old private landlord. It seems a group of landlords...

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