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broken egg
Oct 17 2016

Why is this acceptable?

We get calls every day about evicting a tenant. In addition to those phone calls the next most common are about chasing a tenant either for arrears or for stolen property. It amazes me how tenants think it is fair game to take a landlord’s...

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green tax
Oct 12 2016

Axe the tax has failed so far

I have been watching the attempt of landlords Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper to seek a Judicial Review of legislation reducing the mortgage interest tax relief for landlords It saddens and outrages me to find out that the review has failed. The landlords were represented by law...

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rogue landlords to be hunted
Oct 02 2016

The voice of a landlord

I wanted to share with you the insights of a landlord that I know, I would love to hear your comments on his thoughts. He is a small landlord who got into property to boost his pension. I've been steadily losing cash every year since I...

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airbnb subletting
Sep 21 2016

Are landlords moving to Airbnb

We discussed this topic a few months ago on social media following an increase in requests for us to help landlords remove tenants, to allow them to list their properties on Airbnb. It seems that here at Evict My Tenant Limited are not the only...

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