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Jan 16 2017

Be aware of the sitting tenant

We have recently received several phone calls from new landlords who have bought properties with existing tenants in the property and within six months the tenant has stopped paying their rent. Most tenants are trying to claim that the property have maintenance issues and are...

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Dec 10 2016

Is the government anti landlord

Over the festive period, I have been carrying out some research on the landlords that use our services to either evict tenants or chase for rent arrears. It is clear from the feedback they have given that over 90% of landlords for one reason or...

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Do you have troublesome tenants
Nov 22 2016

When is small too small?

Landlords won’t be able to rent tiny bedrooms anymore   Of course, what constitutes tiny. However, is it good that a minimum standard will potentially be set. The current legislation will only to apply to properties in England, the legislation is being driven by the current Housing and Planning...

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Donald Trump
Nov 11 2016

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom

Will Donald Trump generate a London property boom? Are wealthy American property investors now looking to exit their home country and take advantage of the current strong dollar against the sterling. This could now make Britain especially London as an attractive alternative to investing in...

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