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too many tenant removals
Feb 16 2016

How many tenant removals is too many

How many tenant removals is too many? We were carrying out some market research and came across an interesting article regarding tenant evictions and the increase in removing tenants from their homes. According to the Ministry for justice, it seems that more than 170 tenants were...

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ignoring the deposit scheme
Feb 02 2016

Is it worth the risk?

We have received a few phone calls this month from Landlords concerned about protecting a tenants’ deposit and the potential consequences of failing to do this correctly. We thought we would do a little digging and it seems that despite all the information about securing...

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landlord punished
Jan 08 2016

Another landlord punished

It was with disbelief that over Christmas I read that a landlord had illegally evicted their tenant and left their belongings in the garden.   The landlord who is based in Birmingham, carried out a threat of changing the locks at the rental property. The tenant...

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removing tenants
Dec 30 2015

Could tenants abuse the new law

Could a tenant delay their removal? Although I have yet to come across this particular situation I do wonder how long before enterprising tenants test the new legislation to avoid or delay being removed from a property. A tenant could try to avoid eviction by deliberately damaging...

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Dealing with Rogue landlords

The current legislative system which deals with rogue landlords, I believe is current inadequate and failing to deter those landlords who choose to prey on the less fortunate. One of the suggestions I have seen mentioned is a national database covering all housing-related convictions. Not quite...

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rogue landlords to be hunted
Dec 10 2015

Government confirms Wear & Tear change

The government via Revenue and Customs has published the repsonses following the twelve week consultation on the changes to the Wear and Tear Allowance for private buy to let landlords. With the majority of responses coming from private individuals the government has formally said that, in...

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Issues with renting
Dec 09 2015

Issues with Renting

Issues with renting   As a landlord, you have certain rights and responsibilities. If you are buying a property for a second/holiday home or buy-to-let, you will need to know your obligations in law, and also how you are protected. Disputes can easily arise with tenants and you...

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