Are Landlords racist

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Jun 14 2017

Are Landlords racist

Is the Right to Rent turning law abiding landlords into racist. Should the government change the Right to Rent scheme, which effectively forces buy-to-let landlords to act as border control officer, putting increase stress and pressure on them.

To recap, since the was introduced across England in February 2016, private landlords across the country have been required to check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent their property, by ensuring that they have documents to prove they can live in the UK before the start of the tenancy.

Apparently, the right to rent checks have left many foreign nationals, and Britons without a passport, struggling to secure a rental property.

Indeed, it seems that the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants claims that foreigners and British citizens without passports, particularly those from ethnic minorities, are being discriminated against in the private rental housing market as a result of the Right to Rent scheme designed to crack down on irregular immigration. Do you agree or is this an enterprise making a subjective conclusion?

They claim that over half of landlords said the scheme would make them less likely to consider letting to foreign nationals, while 42% of landlords stated that they were less likely to rent to someone without a British passport as a result of the scheme. This rose to 48% when explicitly asked to consider the impact of the criminal sanction. In your experience is this really the case. I can say from my experience although the right to rent scheme puts some extra hurdles in place in terms of checks, I have not found a landlord who has privately or otherwise used the right to rent as an excuse not to rent a property to a tenant.

Surely the threat of a potential £3000 fine and potentially five years at her majesty’s pleasure, would ensure all private legal landlords would follow the procedures laid down by the right to rent legislation?

It seems that if the government does not amend the legislation the JCWI will take legal action? They claim there is clear evidence that the scheme shows blatant discrimination?

Do they have a case to take legal action against the government or is it just sword wafting?

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